Prairie Madness is Trademarked

Because Prairie Madness (PM) is my first serious project I became concerned that I was putting all this time, effort and money into it.  What would happen if someone came along and got the trademark for this phrase.  Theoretically they could enforce it by having me remove everything in the public eye with this phrase on it.  

So I started the process back in May 2020 to see how I could trademark it.  Trademark is an entirely different beast as compared to copyright.  A work is copyright protected as soon as it’s created.  Your protection is markedly enhanced if you REGISTER it with the copyright office.  Registering is not a complicated affair.

Trademark is something you APPLY for and can easily be turned down.  It’s a costlier and time consuming process.  Most people have a trademark attorney help them.  I started off doing it by myself and then ran into a snag where it was denied and I didn’t really know what I had to do to get the process going again.  When you initially file that information becomes public knowledge so I was inundated by all sorts of lawyers to help me.  They even know when the deadline is for your appeal.  I grabbed the latest postcard from a lawyer and went with the $125 one time fee.  That did the trick.  There is also the one month review process whereby anyone in the public can object to you getting your trademark.

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