You’ve got to Slow Down

As a child, I spent a lot of time wandering around the prairies and in the hills, and there was a sense that it was such a wide-open space, and there was kind of a feeling of potential. I could imagine anything happening there. Arthur Slade
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This is main street Kit Carson or maybe it’s Eads Colorado – don’t remember but it doesn’t matter.  I have no idea what this building used to be but it suggests some long lost grandeur given the meager surroundings.  A grand apartment bulding, a two door school?  You would not see this from the interstate and you wouldn’t see this is you are trying to rush thru town.

I take this back way to Garden City specifically so I can slow down.  It’s a sure bet that there is a town cop or county sheriff looking to make quota so I always go the speed limit thru these little towns.  If I see something going 30 mph it’s easy to come to a stop , pull to the side and take your picture.  On some roads like CO 96 there are no shoulders so I just stop and hope there are no cars coming and generally I’m OK

Slow Down is probably good advice for most photographers anyway

Special Mention

CPAC - Colorado Photographic Arts Center in Denver holds a members show annually.  This year while I was not selected to show any photos on the walls of the gallery, I was selected for a special mention.  It turns out that the cover of Prairie Madness was selected for their website and slide show - very happy about this.  In some ways this is almost better.  I have been selected in the past to hang a photo - this involves printing a large sized, high quality print and then to get it framed.  This way I don’t have to do anything.  Win-Win

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