Art on the Prairie

So who says there’s no culture or artistry in small towns.  Well ya kind of have to look around.  This is an outdoor menagerie or sculpture garden.  Clearly put together with some serious welding skills.  But look beyond that and you see folks out in the plains who want to express their artistic skills.

You’ve got to Slow Down

As a child, I spent a lot of time wandering around the prairies and in the hills, and there was a sense that it was such a wide-open space, and there was kind of a feeling of potential. I could imagine anything happening there. Arthur Slade
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This is main street Kit Carson or maybe it’s Eads Colorado – don’t remember but it doesn’t matter.  I have no idea what this building used to be but it suggests some long lost grandeur given the meager surroundings.  A grand apartment bulding, a two door school?  You would not see this from the interstate and you wouldn’t see this is you are trying to rush thru town.

I take this back way to Garden City specifically so I can slow down.  It’s a sure bet that there is a town cop or county sheriff looking to make quota so I always go the speed limit thru these little towns.  If I see something going 30 mph it’s easy to come to a stop , pull to the side and take your picture.  On some roads like CO 96 there are no shoulders so I just stop and hope there are no cars coming and generally I’m OK

Slow Down is probably good advice for most photographers anyway

Special Mention

CPAC - Colorado Photographic Arts Center in Denver holds a members show annually.  This year while I was not selected to show any photos on the walls of the gallery, I was selected for a special mention.  It turns out that the cover of Prairie Madness was selected for their website and slide show - very happy about this.  In some ways this is almost better.  I have been selected in the past to hang a photo - this involves printing a large sized, high quality print and then to get it framed.  This way I don’t have to do anything.  Win-Win

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