Boring Plains - NOT

Admittedly most folks think of the plains as ‘just plain boring’ – sometimes we refer to these areas as Prairie lands.  If you spend some time in the prairie you see that it isn’t boring.  Quite the opposite, it is full of things but you have to be open minded about it.   With this blog I’m hoping to expand people’s vision of the plains.

I think we’re on a roll

You’d think I was a Girlscout selling cookies - very happy that I’ve sold 8 books so far.  To be fair they have been to friends and only one family member ( thanks Hilary).  While I think it’s a great value and a great cause, people are of course leary of spending money during COVID.  Today I was able to send a check for $17.92 each to Southern Plains Land Trust and to American Prairie Reserve.  Not a huge donation but every little bit counts. In the days and weeks I will have other Prairie Related content here so stay tuned.

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