The Badlands

No trip to the Black Hills, SD is complete without a side trip to The Badlands.  About a 90 minute trip from Custer State Park I’d recommend that one gets up early to see this National Park.  Got up at 5am and on the road 30 minutes later was the ticket.

Custer State Park, SD

Went camping in Custer State Park, South Dakota.  What an experience.  The drought that is present in much of the West was not evident here. The park must be the envy of the national parks as it was very well kept up.  We saw lots of wildlife and is a place where you want to drive slowly to see it all ( and avoid hitting it).

For me the highlight of the trip was to have a guided tour of Dan Obrien’s Bison Ranch - The Broken Heart.  He is the author of  “Buffalo for the Broken Heart” about his change from a cattle rancher to a Bison Rancher.  Highly recommend this book.  His MTV ( modified tour vehicle) is a busted ass suburban ( or similar) with all the windows out except for the front windshield.  We all piled in for a tour of a lifetime.

We did the usual tourist stuff like Mt. Rushmore.  But getting there at 11am is absolutely the wrong thing to do in June.  The place was wall to wall tourists.  Some who were hell bent of doing selfies with them putting their finger up the nose of one of the presidents!  I hate to break this bad news but the guy who designed the sculpture was from Denmark and a member of the KKK.  He REALLY was into white privilege.

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