Simla Cemetery

Another installment of Prairie Cemeteries features Simla, Colorado where I was born.  

Simla is about 50 miles east of Colorado Springs on Highway 24.  

U.S. Route 24 (US 24) is one of the original United States highways of 1926.[1] It originally ran from Pontiac, Michigan, in the east to Kansas City, Missouri, in the west. Today, the highway’s northern terminus is in Independence Township, Michigan, at an intersection with I-75 and its western terminus is near Minturn, Colorado at an intersection with I-70. The highway transitions from north–south to east–west signage in Toledo, Ohio.

The photos above were taken recently on a pilgrimage back to Simla.  Downpours in the background which is pretty typical this time of the year.

Book Cover Selected to Show

For the second time in two months this cover photo has been selected to show.  The first time was at CPAC - Colorado Photographic Arts Center with a special mention ( like coming in 2nd place) and then just this week I will be showing this photo at 37th All Colorado Art Show at the Curtis Arts and Humanities Center.

To me these are great honors and I think validates using this image as the cover to my book.  

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